Dennis Gaskill

Dennis Gaskill

It started 18 years ago when Dennis Gaskill was a volunteer Fire Fighter, that he would need to have a flexible and strong body. But then he became a Corrections Deputy working inside a county jail and focused solely on getting stronger, through bodybuilding workouts and power lifting competitions.

That was then.....This is now.

After an injury to his lower back changed the way he viewed fitness & exercise, Dennis tried his first yoga class and has continued to build his practice ever since.

No longer a Corrections Deputy, Dennis has spent the last 4 years helping others as a full time Certified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor and Level 1 TRX instructor.

Since February 2013, he has been teaching weekly yoga classes, combining his skills as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, to create a well balanced class for his students. He earned his 200 hour RYT at the Svadharma School of Yoga in 2013 with his teacher Beth Williams.